PanAfricanCoin - PAC is an ERC 20 token deigned to facilitate creation of a Continental African Economic Block that hopes to support AUs Free Trade Agenda.
PacDexchange is a Cryptocurrency exchange that allows buying and selling of major world Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium etc through peer to peer (P2P) and the only platform that gives everyone a chance to buy and sell PanAfrican tokens.
Know Your Customer -KYC is an undertaking in the business world that give enterprises an opportunity to gather key identification data and use the same to build reliable mutual business relationships.
Log into PacDexchange, Click "My Account", then, " KYC". Fill the form that pops up. Then submit the form for verification.

Go to www.pacDexchange.com, select a seller from the list on the homepage, chart them to agree on payment method, send money as agreed to facilitate release of BTC from the PacDexchage escrow account into your BTC account after your sharing confirmation screenshots as proof of payments.

Noteworthy is the fact that ALL discussions pertaining to the trade must be done within the chart. NEVER outside the chart..

If you have BTC in your wallet at PacDexchage that you want to sell, the system allows you to post the same at "Sell BTC" slot. Once you post a trade, it will appear in the public page. Buyers will spot you there and initiate a chart that will culminate in closing the sale.

To buy PAC, you must first ensure you have enough BTC in your account to effect that transaction. You will always be required to transfer your BTC to your wallet on PacDexchange first. Then click "Buy Pac" , indicate the amount and press "enter". The amount will be deducted automatically from your BTC as PACs are awarded to you immediately.

Selling of PAC will be allowed after ICO which is coming soon.


Previous investors who successfully completed their KYC will each be awarded equivalent PACs which they will access at ICO and be allowed to sell in a company - controlled slow but very rewarding manner.

Yes! One must be an adult who has legally acquired Identification documents like Identity cards, Passport and other legal documents that would facilitate a successful KYC

Yes. The exchange employs an affiliate reward system that guarantees handsome bonuses through her ICO system.

Yes. All citizens of the world, from all continents are free to buy and sell on PacDexchage.

The future of PacDexchage is bright. This is an exchange that pushes The PanAfrican Coin/Token - a utility token that powers The OnSoko E-Commerce, PacDexchage, The OnSoko Finance Service Platform and The OnSoko own Blockchain. Note:- The future of money is CryptoCurrency.

A team of seasoned businessmen, bankers, Marketers, educationists and and Computer scientists in East Africa

Yes, you can use your phone to register, and execute everything including buying PAC and doing KYC.

PacDexchage accept mobile money, Crypto currencies and fiat currencies.